Granny Squares Are Back!

What are Granny Squares?

Granny squares are small crocheted squares that can be attached together to make small projects like bags, bucket hats, and centerpieces. And if one has made a lot, attaching these together can produce a bigger piece such as a blanket, a cardigan, or even a dress!

Why are Granny Squares so Popular?

One granny square is so easy to accomplish that it is the perfect project for every beginner in crocheting. Beginners can start with the Classic, the Solid, or the No-Gap Granny Squares. One can use a single color yarn or use different colors for every round! So why are granny squares still so popular? I guess the easy answer is that these are beautiful! And aside from the fact that these are easy and fun to make, the granny square possesses a charm and appeal that it can persist even through changing trends in fashion. The power of cottagecore remains.

Looking at fashion news everywhere, it seems that granny square cardigans, bags, and hats are still so popular. From the runways to Bella Hadid and Harry Styles, fashion icons are proud to wear the granny square. I mean, how cool is that Harry Styles cardigan? It seems that granny square clothing and accessories are far from becoming out of style.

For sure, there are many kinds and designs of granny squares. I wanted to make video tutorials of the most common, the easiest, and perhaps, the most interesting granny squares out there! There are so many and I’m excited to make these tutorials!

365 Days of Granny Squares

On my YouTube Channel, I will embark on a new crochet journey by making video tutorials of every granny square that I encounter. I will entitle the series ‘365 Days of Granny Squares’. I know that it will take a long time to finish but I’m sure that I will have a great time in making each granny square AND tutorial! It’s also a great chance to learn new granny squares as there are old and new designs from all over the world!

Join me in my journey? Subscribe to my YouTube Channel ‘Gantsilyo Baguio‘ and let’s learn making new granny squares! Love and Light. Cynthia

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