Crochet Weather is Here Again!

From June to December of every year, it’s the rainy season here in the Philippines. During these wet, cold months, most people are cooped in their homes except when they have to go to work or to school. For me and my fellow crocheters, this is crochet weather!

During the long rainy days here in my country, power outage is quite common. Electricity can be out from a few hours to several days. To the many people that have become dependent on their gadgets, the days without internet and electronic devices seem endless and torturous. However, to us crocheters, mercifully, these dark (literally) days become just a little bit bearable.

On these days when I can’t go out to my garden to tender to my plants, I hook. I bring out to the living room the yarns I need and using my favorite Tulip hook, I proceed to make something beautiful.

Don’t you just love to curl up in your favorite chair with a hook and some balls of yarns? The almost harsh sound of the rain and wind against my window does not bother me at all. I make myself a cup of coffee and I settle on my chair.

Today, I’m working on a few granny squares. I don’t know yet what I’ll do with these but I was thinking of making a poncho. Initially, I wanted to make just small bags that I can sell in my friend’s shop. However, I didn’t want to be sewing linings for each bag and to be putting zippers. Simple, easy projects, was what I had in mind when I started with these grannies. The poncho is a bigger project though and it also won;t be simple. Ah, I guess I’ll have to surprise myself with what the final outcome will be. I’ll definitely keep you posted!

Sunflower Granny Squares

Looking for fun projects in this crochet weather? Interested in making these gorgeous granny squares? I have an easy-to-follow video tutorial in my YouTube Channel. Do check it out and learn how to make these awesome squares! But if you’re up for something more challenging, you might want to make the Secret Paths Shawl! It’s a beautiful shawl by Mijo Crochet and I also have a video tutorial for you to follow. You can get the written pattern from Mijo Crochet’s website.

Sunflower Granny Squares Video Tutorial

Keep warm everyone! Happy crocheting!

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