The Secret Paths Shawl Video Tutorial

I love shawls. I love making it, wearing it, and looking at it. Recently, I’ve done the exquisite Secret Paths Shawl and I’ve made a video tutorial too! When it comes to crocheted shawls and wraps, my favorite designer is Mijo Crochet. Her designs are so beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous!

I have done only two of her designs not because I didn’t like the others but because I still have not gotten over the Lost In Time and the Secret Paths. I must have done more than ten Lost In Time shawls and I’m in the process of doing my third Secret Paths shawl. I am possibly obsessed with these gorgeous patterns! Oh my!

The Secret Paths shawl, as well as the Lost In Time, are very popular in the crochet community. When you check Instagram and Pinterest for crocheted shawls, the most popular are these two. It’s obvious that many crocheters want to make these as these are possibly the best crocheted shawls. Well, in my opinion, anyway. I have yet to see better designs.

Anyway, you can get the written pattern from Mijo Crochet’s website. The pattern is very easy to understand and to follow. But just in case you need help in making it, I’ve done a step-by-step video tutorial to help you understand the pattern even better. I hope the video is useful to visual learners.

Here is the link to my YouTube Channel and to the first part of the Secret Paths video tutorial. Happy hooking!

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