The Lost In Time Shawl – A Shawl Worth Crocheting

The Lost In Time Shawl is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful crocheted shawls out there. Happily, the patterns designer has shared it to the world for free. Mijo Crochet is known for making these exquisite shawl patterns. One of her most famous shawls is the Lost In Time Shawl.

I have loved this shawl since the first time I laid eyes on it. Browsing through Pinterest and Instagram, I was mesmerized at the very sight of the Lost In Time Shawl. I longed to make it and to make lots! Once I started, I just couldn’t get enough of it. I must have made over ten of these gorgeous crocheted shawls. At present, I am making two simultaneously.

The Lost In Time Shawl Pattern

I thought about doing a video tutorial to help share this amazing pattern to other crocheters. The pattern can be found in Mijo Crochet’s website. It is free and has been translated in various languages. To make it is quite easy for an intermediate to advanced crocheter. Beginners may find this pattern a bit challenging, but a good video tutorial may help overcome the more complicated rows.

Step-By-Step Video Tutorials

If you want to make this timeless shawl design, please visit Mijo Crochet’s website for the written pattern. And to view my step-by-step tutorials, do visit Gantsilyo Baguio on YouTube, Facebook, and FB Group’ Crochet Antey & Angkels of Baguio‘. Check out my Instagram for the Lost In Time Shawl shawls I’ve done through the years. Happy hooking! =)

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