Crochet For Beginners

Crochet For Beginners: Things I Wish I Knew

I learned to crochet when I was in Grade 2 in Elementary School. Our Home Economics teacher taught us how to use this thin metal hook and thread to make a small table centerpiece. I still remember how my hands hurt from the cheap hook and the thin yarn that I used. Years later, I would take up crocheting again and not surprisingly, I made the same mistakes that I made back then. So for beginners out there, let me share these tips that would make crocheting much more enjoyable. Crochet for beginners need not be painful at all!

Invest in Good Crochet Hooks

I cannot overemphasize the importance of using good crochet hooks. But what does a good crochet hook mean? A crochet hook that you feel the most comfortable using. It means you feel no discomfort and no pain when using it. It does not have to be very expensive or a popular brand. But you might agree with me when I say that branded ones are made from higher quality materials than the cheap, non-branded crochet hooks. Now, how can you find the right crochet hook for you? You would have to try out using as many crochet hooks that you can. I started out with the the IMIA aluminum hooks that has very small hooks and thin body. Using this on my beginner projects, I can’t even start to explain the pain that almost paralyzed my fingers and wrist. Oh the pain that shoots up my arm!

Susan Bates Inline Crochet Hook That I Often Use

So I looked online and found the Susan Bates inline hooks were available here in my country. A 6-pc. set that includes sizes 3mm to 6mm for just P500 is a pretty good investment as I never looked for any other hooks! These hooks were perfect for me. I can crochet for more than 5 hours straight without feeling tired and there was no pain in my hands and arms. The Susan Bates set was way cheaper than other brands and its very comfortable to use.

There are lots of good crochet hooks out there, you just have to find the best one for you. And remember, there’s no need to bust your purse just to have a good crochet hook. So don’t go overboard by buying that P3000+ crochet hook! The more affordable branded crochet hooks are Susan Bates and Pony. You can also start collecting the Clover hooks individually if you can’t afford to get the whole set yet. The bottom line is that you have to invest in good crochet hooks in order to enjoy this wonderful hobby for a long time.

Choose Thicker Yarns

Many newbies quit just a short time after starting because they have a hard time “hooking” and getting started. Usually, the reason is that the yarns are so thin that a crochet beginner cannot comfortably “hook” it. I would recommend using thicker yarns for those just starting out. Match the thicker yarns with a bigger hook that you are comfortable with.

Choose Thicker Yarns For Beginners

To be honest, there is a very small window where a beginner either gets “hooked” on crocheting or gives up altogether. I learned this fact after teaching a few people how to crochet. I noticed that those who get motivated to continue crocheting were those that immediately “hooked” the yarn with their hooks. Crocheters understand what I mean. I just feel that a crochet beginner can hook faster if the yarns were thicker and more comfortable to use. Thin yarns may be too hard to see for a new learner and she or he might just give up easily. Later, you will learn about the different yarn weights, but for now, just choose the thicker yarns.

Pick the Right Project

And while it can be tempting to just choose an ambitious project, please start with something realistic. Many new crocheters want to start crocheting because they saw a giant Mandala, an Aztec blanket, or an Amigurumi doll that they want to make. These projects can be future goals instead of beginner projects. In all areas, it’s better to start small and work your way up steadily. It’s the same with crocheting. Choose a simple project with easy stitches and gradually transition to bigger projects with more advanced stitches. That’s part of the fun in crocheting. It’s a journey that you should enjoy. Don’t skip the steps too! The more small projects you do, the more you will improve your technique and designs. A small table centerpiece is easier to accomplish than starting with a sweater project right away. In addition, new learners will feel a sense of accomplishment after finishing this simple, yet beautiful project. Starting a big and difficult project when you lack the skill, patience, and dedication is just formula for quitting.

A Simple Centerpiece Is A Good Beginner Project

Crocheting is probably one of the most fulfilling hobbies out there. It makes people feel relaxed and calm. The process gives an almost therapeutic benefit and after finishing a project, there’s no word to describe the happiness.

So if you are just learning and would like to pursue crocheting as a hobby now or for business later on, I hope these tips are helpful to you. Happy hooking!

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