Crocheted Christmas Tree Making Contest

Last month, I ran a contest in my Baguio Crochet group, “Crochet Anteys & Angkels of Baguio”. It was for a Christmas Tree-Making contest. The trees needed to be 6 inches to 3 feet in size and 90% crocheted, meaning the main body of the tree should be crocheted but the participants can use any kind of materials for the ornaments of the tree. The contest attracted 15 participants, showing us 15 unique and creative ways to design a tabletop, crocheted Christmas tree.

Contest Mechanics

Official Entries:

Each participant invited their family and friends to LIKE or react to their entries. The entries that had the most number of reactions would enter the Top 5. One winner will then be selected by the judges (the moderators) based on a set of criteria (check Mechanics).

Can you guess the winner?

And the Winner is…

Crocheted Christmas Tree
Winner! Crocheted Christmas Tree Contest

And here is the picture sent by the winner, Gantsilyo Gwapito! In addition to what was promised, he also got 5 cones of spun polyester from another sponsor!

Picture sent by the winner when he received it!
Additional Prizes by YarnThreads Menu. Fine them on FB.

And although the others did not win, I hope that they had fun making their own Christmas trees! After all, being able to crochet – doing the thing that you love – well, that’s the real prize!

Due to the success of the contest, I hope that we are able to make this into a tradition for the Baguio Crochet group. It would be something that members can look forward to every Yuletide Season.

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