The Double Crochet

The Double Crochet, Half Double Crochet, & Triple Crochet Stitches

I first learned to crochet when I was in Grade 2 in elementary school. I really can’t remember who the teacher was, but I remember vividly the joy I felt when I saw the stitches that I was creating with that simple hook and yarn. I was even more amazed to see the centerpiece that was the result of the numerous yarning over and pulling through. How I wish I can remember that teacher’s name so I can thank her. Learning to crochet has been one of the most rewarding things in my life. 

This year, I’ve decided to do a Crochet Lessons series. I figured that with all the time this Corona quarantine has given me plus my desire to impart crocheting to others, there’s no better time to start a crochet tutorial series. 

I’m now on my fifth episode and it is about the Triple Crochet stitch. For others who want to start leaning to crochet, please visit my YouTube or Facebook Channels and you can find the previous episodes for absolute beginners. 

The Double Crochet

The Half Double Crochet

The Triple Crochet

I hope that I can make a hundred videos! But for now, I’m happy with the five I’ve made. And I really hope that I can convince someone to learn to crochet. Just so, I can share the joy I feel every time I’m holding the yarn and hook. Happy crocheting! 

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