Where To Buy Yarns In Baguio City

Baguio City is famous for its cool climate, breathtaking tourist spots, delicious local foods, and unique products. And while many knitters and crocheters in the Philippines already know about the high-quality, local yarns sold here, some newbie ‘hookers’ might not have heard that there is an abundant supply of yarns right here in Baguio. In fact, yarn is one of the most sought after commodities that tourists look for when visiting the City of Pines.

And if you are a yarn addict like me, you would want to know where to buy affordable, high-quality yarns. Almost every day, I get asked by local crafters and especially non-Baguio residents where they can buy yarns in Baguio. I finally decided to write about it so everyone can find the yarns! Believe me, I understand the frustration of having to spend a ton of money on imported yarns and the never-ending search for more affordable yarns. It makes me happy to share Baguio’s affordable yarns with every crafter out there.  And so, here is a list of the places where one can buy yarns here in Baguio City! I’m not including all, just my recommendations. 

Physical Yarn Stores in Hangar Market, Hilltop St. , Baguio City

Hangar Market is situated in Hilltop Street, Baguio City. Two ways to get there. First is via a cab or private vehicle. Check out these Google Maps pictures below. That’s the view of Hilltop Street if you’re entering Hilltop with a vehicle.  See that building where the veggies are? On the second floor, that’s where you will find the yarns. Just find the stairs going up to the second floor!  

The second way to get to Hangar Market is to go inside the Baguio City Market and ask the vendors where you can buy coffee. And when you reach the coffee area, ask where the yarns are sold and the locals will point you to the second floor of a dilapidated building that is the ruins of the once glorious Hilltop Hotel. A long time ago, it served as a temporary home to visitors coming up to Baguio City but now it is the permanent home of yarns, knitted items, and other textile products. 

  1. Cabasoy Yarn Stall – Entering the second floor of the building from Hilltop Street, you will find a yarn store just by the staircase. I’m sure that this is not the real name of the shop. However, many local yarn stores here in Baguio don’t put up any official store signage, and so, I don’t really know their official store name. Anyway, the owner’s family name is Cabasoy and when you go there, you might find the owner Madame Francing, an strict-looking, old woman sitting by the table or sometimes waiting on her customers. She is usually assisted by a young girl who knows all about yarns so just tell her what you need and she will bring it out for you in a jiffy! Indophil cones, Lanalon cakes and cones, Mercerized cotton in cones, and even sewing supplies are all sold in this shop.They are open from Mondays to Sundays, from 10:30 am to 6pm. 

  1. Manong Roy Stall 106– Still in the 2nd floor of the Hangar building, this shop is owned by spouses Manang Dierdre and Manong Roy. If I am not mistaken, the stall number is 106. This is the first yarn shop I fell in love with and the kindness of the owners has made me a regular here and kind of a loyalist for their yarns! Here, I hoard cotton yarns of all kinds and colors! There are Fine cotton yarns, Polyester blends, and even curly ones. They have it all. I especially like this shop because of how perfect they wind the cakes – no tangles! I guess Manong Roy is the yarn winding expert. They may not be open when you go there, but you can reach them via their Facebook page Yarns N” Likes and recently, they have opened a Shopee account so yarn addicts can easily access their beautiful yarns. Manang Dierdre also winds Gradient yarns or color-changing yarns so feel free to look up their FB page and Shopee account. 

  1. Mrs. Ting –  If you see the yarn stall in the middle of the whole floor, in one of the alleys to your right ( coming from Cabasoy’s), that is Mrs. Ting’s. She’s a kind grandma who’s often alone in guarding her stalls. I sometimes pass by and see her napping when there are few customers to assist. She mostly sells Indophil cones and here is where I buy unique colors for when I want to make gradient yarn cakes. At Cabasoy’s you might see just the usual colors of Indophil and Lanalon. But here at Mrs. Ting’s, she orders the assorted yarns and sometimes, special colors might appear in the mountain of Indophil cones that occupy her stalls. Her opening time is unpredictable but I found that she will be open if I go there in the afternoons. 

  1. Madame George Yarn Stall  –  Coming from Mrs. Ting’s stall, there is another yarn stall located at the right side. Their display of Indophil yarn cakes occupy most of the hallway so you can’t miss it. You will be assisted by another young girl named Eden, Madame Georgina’s assistant. They sell Indophil cakes and cones, cotton cones and polyester cones. The stall is already open at 9am so if you’re an early bird, this is the stall to visit. 

  1. Yarn stall by the other staircase – There is another big yarn stall, this time by the opposite staircase. I only buy here when Cabasoy or Madame George does not have the Indophil color that I need. But you can check them out if you want. 

  1. Other smaller shops all around the 2nd Floor – By all means, take a tour around the second floor and you will see that there are smaller stalls that have included yarns with their other products. I don’t really buy from them because yarn is not the main product they are selling. And so if you ask anything about the yarn, they often can’t provide any information about it. I prefer to buy from the yarn experts there in Hangar.  

5 Cents Up, Mabini Street, Baguio City

But if you have no time to go to the Hangar Market, you can still find yarns at the 5 Cents Up Fabric Store. It’s located in Mabini Street, beside 5 Cents up Supermart and Country Mart. Che out this Google Map picture below.

Finally, there are the Baguio online yarn sellers! Thank God for them. If you want to buy yarns from Baguio but simply can’t come up here, (especially with the Corona pandemic happening at this time) you can still avail of our local yarns through the hardworking Baguio online yarn sellers. There’s quite a number of them right now but in this post, I’m only recommending shops that I can personally vouch for because I have met the sellers or have bought yarns from them at some point. These sellers are reliable, stable, and trustworthy. They also have quite a large following on Facebook, Instagram, and Shopee, so do check out their pages, LIKE and Follow them on both FB and IG.

Baguio-owned Online Shops To Check Out

Here are some of the most popular online yarn shops in Baguio City:

Yarns N’ Likes – Cotton Gradients, Plain colors

Ashley’s Crochet – Cotton Gradients, Milk Cotton, Specialty Yarns

Baguio Yarns by Miss Crochet Alot – Indophil and Cotton Gradients, Plain colors, Specialty yarns

Crocheted By Carisse – Cotton Gradients

Gantsilyo Baguio – (my shop, which is inactive at this time due to the pandemic)

There are many more Baguio online yarn sellers, I apologize for not knowing all of them and that’s why I cannot mention their pages. However, most of them are members of the Baguio Crochet Group, ‘Crochet Anteys & Angkels of Baguio, so please feel free to join our group and get to know our Baguio crocheters and yarn sellers. 

Oh my, this blog post has become too long! Before I say goodbye, I wanted to invite you to my YouTube channel. I have just posted the very 1st Episode of ‘You Can Crochet’, a series teaching beginners how to crochet. Check it out, and don’t forget to give it a Thumbs Up and to Subscribe to my channel.

I also wanted to leave this picture of me in my own yarn shop in Naguillan Road before. Talking about these yarn stores has made me nostalgic. I had this quaint shop a couple of years ago but had to give it up as my business operated mostly online. And now, due to the COVID-19 situation, I have also stopped my online operations to comply with the the gov’t’s mandate to stay at home and prevent the fast transmission of the virus. So far, I miss my buyers and the whole yarn biz. I have been recommending shops where my customers can get their yarn fix. Check out my friend yarn seller from Pampanga, ‘Icee Crochet‘ on Facebook and Shopee. Sis Neriza is the kindest yarn seller!

Alright! I hope this post will be useful to all crocheters and knitters who are wondering where to buy yarns in Baguio City. Bye for now. Happy hooking!

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  1. Hi sis! Unfortunately, I was one among the yarn sellers that have been affected by the pandemic. And so I am currently not selling any yarns. But I will recommend Yarns N’ Likes. You can find her on FB and Shopee. PM her in her FB Page Yarns N’ Likes. Happy hooking!

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