Crochet Portrait Art

Having tried freeform crochet, I found that it actually relaxes me than ordinary crocheting. In my previous post about freefrom crochet, I’ve mentioned that I wasn’t quite convinced with freeform crochet as a means of battling OCD, lol. Watching all those YouTube videos of how to make gorgeous scrumbles and the connecting of these together have made me more tired and frustrated.

However, I’ve found out that there is another form of freeform crochet. I’ve seen some fiber artists doing faces of famous people such as Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, and David Bowie. This seems doable for me and I was ready to give freefrom crochet another try.

But instead of choosing the face of an influential person, I decided on the face of my firstborn daughter. Her face is very beautiful and I found her features quite intriguing.

And so I gathered the yarns I needed, printed out a  picture of her that I really liked and just started hooking! I figured that I should start with the eyes, and just work from there. I thought that if I get the eyes all wrong then it won’t look like her. And I didn’t want to create a face that didn’t look like her. I wanted my crochet art piece to be exactly like the photograph.

Since the COVID-19 Quarantine started, I’ve tried putting in a few minutes daily for this project, but I have a long way to go. But that’s okay. I didn’t want to feel too stressed out about finishing this project. I kinda love this specific one and I plan to do it leisurely. After all, crocheting is supposed to be pleasurable. I actually frogged the left eye, the very first part I did, because I wasn’t too happy with the holes under the eyes. I felt the stitches were too big. I redid it and this time, I used a smaller hook so that the stitches would be finer. I didn’t want her face to have holes in it.

So far, I’m loving this freeform crochet project and I’ll keep at it until the face is all done. I have no deadline and I will only do it when I want to.

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